31/3-5 Sukhumvit Soi 11, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
T: +66 2 250 7205-7 F: +66 2 252 6744
E: info@chaidee-mansion.com

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Rates and Reservations at Chaidee Mansion

  Room Type Size Standard Rates Monthly Rates
  Executive Studio 55 sqm. 1,900 45,000
  One Bedroom Suites 65 - 75 sqm. 2,200 48,000
  Two Bedroom Suites 200 sqm. 5,499 100,000
  Three Bedroom Suites 270 sqm. 7,499 150,000
  Internet Free Internet

***Rates may vary with length of stay

Booking Policy:
Once the booking is made – we will charge a 1 night guarantee amount to your credit card to ensure your card is valid, however, no money will be taken from your account until the arrival date, at which the full amount of your stay will be charged to your credit card.

We also accept cash payments – however, credit card is still required for guarantee as mentioned above.
We accept Visa and Mastercards.

Cancellation Policy:
If cancelled more than 3days before arrival date, no charges will be made. If cancelled less than 3 days before arrival date, 1 night will be charged.

Amendment Policy:
All amendments to your bookings will be subjected to availability and will be communicated to you by our staff member.

Terms & Conditions:
Depature: Check out time is at 12:00pm. If you wish to extend your stay for a late check-out, you may request the front desk, which will be subjected to availability. However, after 3pm, half the normal rate for the room will be charged. After 6pm, the full night room rate will be charged. The guest shall vacate the room allotted on expiry of the period of occupation granted to the Guest. On failure of the Guests to vacate the room on expiry of the period, the Management shall have the rights to move his/her belongings from the room occupied.

Housekeeping: Daily housekeeping is available. Clothes washing/ironing and cleaning of kitchen items including dishes are the responsibility of the Guest.

Use of Facilities: Only the guest has the right to use the facilities and services available in the property, as agreed upon check-in. The guest shall agree to abide by, and follow all instructions to utilize the facilities with care and caution and entirely at the Guest’s risk. The Management shall not be responsible for any injury to the Gust or damage to the guest’s belongings that may be caused as a result of the use of facilities and services or from any reason whatsoever.

Damage to Property: The guests will be held responsible for any loss or damage to the Apartment properties caused by themselves, their friends or any person for whom they are responsible.

Settlement of Payments: Paymenrs must be made upon presentation. Cheques are not accepted. During check-in, guests have to make the full payment for their stay in advance.

Visitors: For security reasons, all visitors of the Guest must present identity card and will not be allowed to enter the premises unless accompanied by the Guests. All visitors may be asked for the search of their vehicle or body if found suspicious by the security guards.

Amendment of Rules: The Management reserves the rights to add/alter or amend any of the above terms and conditions without notice.

Electricity consumption in Chaidee Mansion

Apartment Daily Monthly
Two Bedroom 150 units 2000 units
Three Bedroom 170 units 2500 units

Please note that Electricity as Baht 6.50 per unit for any excess usage beyond the above mentioned will be charged.